Cell Phone Data Recovery and Forensic Investigations

Electronic discovery is changing the way businesses store data. Corporations need to audit systems to ensure their internal policies and procedures are being followed by employees. Companies need to establish audits of not only internal systems but their external or mobile devices as well.

If your company issues staff members’ cell phones or smartphones, our team at CorpsElite Investigations in Denver and Austin can help. Our company can assist you by conducting confidential internal audits. Managers will be provided with easily read HTML reports on their staff member’s cell phone/ smartphone usage. Don’t wait to find out an issue could have been prevented.

Mobile Phone Investigation for Civil Litigation

Digital evidence plays a role in almost all forms of criminal and civil litigation today. Cell phones today contain enormous amounts of data, both personal and professional. A large amount of this data is not available by viewing bills or call detail records. CEI specializes in mobile forensics and can provide litigators with evidence very difficult to contest. Whether it is a theft of trade secrets, employee termination, or divorce situations, evidence can be found on mobile devices.

Mobile Phone Data Recovery for Private Parties

Concerned about the activities of a spouse or child? Want to know what your child is doing? Who they spend their time with? Obtain a detailed report from a mobile phone investigation of their cell phone. CorpsElite Investigations can provide a confidential detailed report of your loved ones mobile device. Our HTML report will provide phonebook information, call logs to include incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. Recover SMS text messages, MMS (picture/video) messages, calendar information, and voice notes are included in this report.

If you want to obtain a detailed report of someone’s cell phone usage, our team of professional private investigators can help. Be sure to contact us today to get started and for pricing.

***NOTICE: Depending on the make and model of the mobile device and the amount of use on the device, CEI can recover deleted data. Types of deleted data we have recovered include SMS messages found on the SIM card and on the internal phone memory. In rare cases, we have recovered deleted images.

Regardless of whatever service that you seek, CorpsElite Investigations LLC is committed 24/7 to your success. Fill out the contact form so we can start your case review TODAY. “Seeking Clarity & Peace Of Mind.”