GPS Tracking & Advanced Mobile Surveillance

Real-Time GPS monitoring is a great way to learn where a spouse, employee, or company asset is traveling to and how long they are staying. Additionally, this is a great tool to monitor a teenager’s driving habits such as driving routes taken, how fast they drive and where the vehicle is currently parked. 


GPS monitoring is a great way to reduce manned surveillance costs.

Once a subject and/or asset is located in a suspicious area CEI will deploy an investigator to perform onsite surveillance and obtain valuable video documentation. CEI is highly experienced in presenting this evidence in a professional format that will help our clients manage their case in a more confident manner whether they hold the information or take it to court in the state of Texas. 

In the modern world of GPS tracking, there are two types of trackers that are most commonly used, Active and Passive. CEI deploys an active GPS monitoring device that allows CEI to monitor the subject(s) in a case without having to ever contaminate the scene. CEI can see where the subject(s) Vehicle is in real-time allowing us to retarget with physical surveillance much faster and easier. We can also recall history; such as an address, how long it was there and how fast it was traveling giving us the MOST crucial information possible to your case. Facts are EVERYTHING


CEI 24/7 GPS Services:

  • Track in real-time over the internet
  • Receive text or email when asset moves
  • Daily travel log
  • Geofencing alerts
  • Speeding alerts


CorpsElite GPS Services, Pricing, And long term surveillance strategies:

CEI offers daily, weekly and monthly GPS rates. Cei utilizes only the most advanced GPS units recommended by our CESD (Counter Electronic Surveillance Department). Our units provide 24/7 service with EXACT details of the activities of the tracked vehicle and or Subject(s). 

There are multiple comprehensive report options available to the client, to include routes driven, travel times, location, stop/start times, speeds driven, As well as HD and or Video surveillance options from a live CEI field investigator per stop, per subject interaction with any person, place, and or pre-dispositioned target(s) When a client calls CEI requesting GPS Service, a validation process Must be completed prior to agreeing to placement of the device. We must first determine the reason for the GPS tracking and ensure it complies with Texas State, Colorado State & Federal Laws. In most instances, the client will be required to prove ownership or lease status of said vehicle that is being requested for active tracking during the duration of surveillance.


**NOTE** CEI Could Deny GPS Request:

If you are on probation/parole for an assaultive crime against the person you wish to track and or if you are a “restrained party” wishing to track a vehicle occupied by an individual protected under that order, Your request will be reviewed and DENIED. CorpsElite Investigations LLC will NOT violate STATE or FEDERAL law for ANY sum of Monetary compensation for services.