This challenging and exciting field of Private Investigations is all about finding someone who
absolutely doesn’t want to be found. Given we are a Full Service Private Security and
Investigations Firm, we are equipped, staffed and prepared to find and recover bail jumpers. If
you run a Bail Company / Bond Operation, please contact us to pursue your jumper. We have
successfully recovered multiple fugitives in several jurisdictions across Texas and in other areas
of the United States.
We are board licensed, fully registered, bonded and insured to operate throughout the State of
Texas. Additionally, our Firm has developed strategic relationships with other Private
Investigation Firms to cover other locations outside of our normal operating area. Our Private
Detectives come from a mix of backgrounds in Specialized Private Sector Fields, Law
Enforcement and the U.S. Military. Our Bail Recovery Operations typically encompass some or
all of the following:

Locates / Skip Tracing
Electronic Surveillance
Background Checks and Record Searches
Research and Analysis
Undercover Operations
Fugitive recovery cases require the services of a special breed of Private Investigator. The work
can be dangerous and the hours are unforgiving. The payoffs can be significant, but sometimes
there is time spent on a bust.
This is the nature of the Bail Business and we accept that. The description and identification of
Fugitive Recovery Personnel can vary from state to state and in various jurisdictions. They may
be called Bail Enforcement Agents, Bounty Hunters or any other combination.
While this field of Investigations can be exciting, our professionals prefer to keep it as mundane
as possible. The number of television shows portraying this specialty as a bunch of cowboys
running around the wild west isn’t help to our professions’ image. Almost any Fugitive Recovery
Investigator will tell you they’d always prefer to identify a subject, call it in and watch the local
authorities make the arrest to take the fugitive back in custody.
Done this way, properly and in coordination with local Law Enforcement, we create a safe
environment and everyone wins. The Bail Company recovers their bond, we get paid and local
Law Enforcement have the satisfaction of a job well done.
Many of our recoveries end up just like this. And while simple is better, it can’t always work out
that way. We are prepared to conduct any legal and ethical actions to recover a fugitive. We
always keep local authorities abreast of our intent and operations.
Our Fugitive Recovery Services are available in Collin County and throughout North Texas. With
offices just outside of McKinney and Plano, Texas, we service those communities and any of
the surrounding counties as well as the greater Dallas / Forth Worth Metroplex. Our Private
Detective Fugitive Recovery Specialists spend time in Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Richardson,
Allen, Lewisville, Carrollton, The Colony and Addison. Please contact us anytime via phone or
e-mail and we’ll get you in contact with one of our Licensed Professional Investigators.