Jonathan Noel is the owner and manager of CorpsElite Investigations LLC. He has been an investigator since 2014 and served as a United States Marine from 2010 to 2013. He was deployed and operated in Afghanistan in 2011 during operation “Enduring Freedom” and is now a combat veteran. He has extensive knowledge and training in matters of private investigations as well as security and personal protection work. Jonathan started CEI in Denver, Colorado in February of 2015. After successfully practicing and employing over 10 employees, he brought CEI to Texas in late 2017 and became licensed in January of 2018 to represent Texas. It is his and his companies goal to employ as many veterans as possible and to make a significant impact on all clients’ lives as well as the community.

Agent Noel has experience in personal protection, high-threat environments, workplace violence, residential security, family protection, and transportation of high valued assets. Agent Noel is a former Active U.S. Marine 3531 CLB-1 and is an expert in both field and tactical applications, and ranging environments. Agent Noel is a private investigator and holds a Class A Manager’s license for investigations in the state of Texas.


CorpsElite Investigations LLC was established in 2015.
Our 24-hour executive private investigations firm was founded and established in Denver, Colorado in early 2015 by Marine Corps veteran Jonathan M. Noel. In 2018, CEI was brought to Austin, Texas. CorpsElite Investigations LLC is veteran-owned and operated, which means that our entire team works with the same honor, courage, and commitment that they were taught in the military. We take pride in our work and provide each of our clients with professional and knowledgeable services that can help them find peace of mind. We understand that we provide a valuable and sensitive service, and we make sure that we have each of our clients in any way possible.

Who is CEI

CorpsElite Investigations LLC is a private investigation firm that can provide you with the information you need. We offer a variety of P.I. services that can help you find peace of mind. Our services include:

CorpsElite Investigations LLC embodies all that our nation loves about its beloved Marine Corps — Honor. Courage. Commitment. We believe in taking our private client’s case and going above and beyond to accomplish every facet of their need. At CEI, we are not focused on just our client’s pocketbook, however, we are focused on the ability to add to their lives and improve upon their situations.

“Seeking Clarity & Peace Of Mind.” This is what we believe and what we focus our business around. CorpsElite Investigations LLC encompasses a mission accomplishment attitude for every case! With the hard-pressed and refined military service to our country, our team is seasoned with an unfathomable and relentless work ethic derived from the United States Marine Corps and technical “know-how.”

If you are looking for a private investigator to help you obtain information or provide another one of these services, be sure to contact us today. We are happy to help you with whatever you need. Our team at CorpsElite Investigations LLC is knowledgeable, experienced, and ready to provide the best private detective services possible. If you are looking for answers and peace of mind, we can help.

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