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Infidelity. Child Custody. Criminal Investigations.

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Who is C.E.I?


CorpsElite Investigations, LLC is a Colorado & Texas-based, licensed and insured Private Investigation Company that has more than 40 years of combined experience, in criminal and civil investigations. Our staff includes: former and current law enforcement officers, USMC & Army Veterans as well as paralegal certified investigators, licensed polygraph examiners, Texas Supreme Court certified process servers, former police detectives, and investigators who hold Bachelor/Masters Degrees in Criminal Justice. We have access to some of the most sophisticated and highly effective Law Enforcement grade databases to help give you the most current and accurate information. This will prove to be vital for your case. We will only assign the most highly trained and professional investigators to handle your case, no matter how complex or problematic your situation may be. We work with law firms, insurance companies, small businesses, large corporations, law enforcement, as well as with individuals. We handle every case with professionalism and confidentiality. We offer state of the art equipment to assist you in getting every piece of evidence that is needed for your case. We are available 24/7 to help you in whatever situation you may be facing, no matter the size or complexity, with 100% discretion and compassion.   

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Military Grade OPS

 Surveillance Services:
Our surveillance team will obtain: Documents, indisputable photographic and video evidence from cheating partners and workers compensation claims, to insurance fraud and employee theft. We use state of the art covert audio/video surveillance equipment to ensure you that we will capture detailed and professional digital pictures and/or video footage even under the most fragile and risky conditions.

Each investigator on our staff is required to complete active training hours on a regular basis in order to stay sharp and up to date on advanced equipment and surveillance techniques. We take every surveillance case extremely serious and understand the importance of absolute discretion.

At the conclusion of your case, we will provide a detailed report breaking down every hour of surveillance that was conducted, including activity that was observed throughout the duration of the investigation. You will receive high resolution digital pictures and/or video footage along with your full written report.​

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Licensed & Bonded

CO- LIC#-PI2.0000047


ALL Investigators are competent and or compliant with Colorado & Texas and or any other State or Federal mandated Laws governing Private Investigators in the United States. 

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Commercial & Private Services. 

No matter if you're a big time CEO of a major company, or just a concerned parent/spouse.

C.E.I has a wide variety of specialty services to meet your immediate need!

Commitment you can TRUST.

  We go above and beyond to make sure that our clients personal information is always secure and 100% confidential. You can rest assured we will bring you the evidence you need professionally and most importantly legally.  

Over 40 years combined experience. 

 C.E.I Investigators are comprised of former Marines, as well as Criminology & Criminal Justice Experts. Law Enforcement & Military Police. We pride ourselves in knowing we can accomplish any task or investigation expertly for our clients. Hire the experts.  

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Honor. Honoring our word to our

clients. And performing excellence. 

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Our commitment to client is concrete. 

We work 24/7 to bring you the evidence that you require.

Veteran Operated & Veteran Owned.


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